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 About Us
What is HometelosFIRST?
An informational website dedicated to the marketing and sale of government-owned homes.
Why HomeTelosFIRST?
  • Purchasing a government-owned home is a smart choice. Whether you are a first-time buyer, real estate investor, established family looking for more space or potentially a secondary vacation property, purchasing a government-owned home is the smart choice for today's consumer.
  • Comprehensive information and tools for buyers. HomeTelosFirst not only educates buyers about government-owned properties, but also guides you through the buying process and provides detailed information on available buyer programs and incentives offered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). With helpful buyer tools, you can quickly gauge your readiness to purchase, how much you can afford and estimate monthly payments.
  • Accurate listing information. Have you been an online victim of outdated information? Finding the home of your dreams only to learn that it was sold last week or last month? Our promise to you is accurate and up-to-date listing information direct from the source (the seller). HomeTelosFirst is not an aggregator and therefore does not republish listing data from outside sources.
  • Qualified professionals ready to help you. With a national network of Neighborhood Listing Brokers, FHA-approved Appraisers, as well as FHA-approved and conventional Lenders, HomeTelosFirst is the FIRST choice when it comes to finding industry professionals who are qualified to help you purchase your new home. If you are a professional and not registered with HomeTelosFirst, get started now.
Who are we?
Founded in 2001, HomeTelos, LP is a privately held firm located in Dallas, TX. The principals of HomeTelos have a proven record of providing technology-based solutions and services for the real estate industry, including working with large federally-owned and privately-owned portfolios. For additional information about HomeTelos, visit our website at www.firstprestonht.com.